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Targeting Pods Market: Growth Analysis 2023-2030

The global targeting pods market is expected to witness growth at a CAGR of 6.30% during the forecast period 2023-2030.

Triton Market Research presents the Global Targeting Pods Market report segmented by Application (Bombers, Fighter Aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Attack Rotary Platforms), Size (Retro Fit, Line Fit), Pod Class (Laser Designator Pods, FLIR and Laser Designator Pods, FLIR Pods), Component (Moving Map System, Sensors, Display System, Connectors, Environmental Control Units, Video Datalinks, Charged Coupled Device Camera, Image Processors, Digital Data Recorder), and Regional Outlook (Latin America, North America, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe).

The report further includes the Market Summary, Industry Outlook, Impact of COVID-19, Key Insights, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Market Attractiveness Index, Vendor Scorecard, Industry Components, Regulatory Framework, Key Market Strategies, Drivers, Challenges, Opportunities, Competitive Landscape, Research Methodology & Scope, Global Market Size, Forecasts & Analysis (2023-2030).

According to Triton’s research report, the global targeting pods market is expected to witness revenue growth at a CAGR of 6.30% during the forecast period 2023-2030.

Targeting pods refer to tools that help identify and attack targets via precision-guided weapon systems, including laser bombs.

The market’s growth is supported by the rising demand for aircraft modernization, a surge in government spending in the defense industry, and border disputes. Several governments have increased defense spending over the years. For instance, the Indian government announced around INR 5.94 trillion for defense spending in 2023. Such steps are anticipated to elevate the adoption of targeting pods in combat operations, thereby driving the market’s growth.

However, the high maintenance and installation costs, coupled with regulations against the import and export of defense goods, restrict the targeting pods market’s development.

The Asia-Pacific is estimated to emerge as the fastest-growing region over the forecast period. In China, the armed forces are focused on the production of long-range surveillance systems. In this regard, the C4ISTAR system helps improve combat performance, strengthening the airfields. The country has also introduced the fifth-generation fighter J-20 jet, marking an essential step in the expansion of the aerospace and defense industry. Hence, all these factors are expected to drive the targeting pods market.

The notable companies in the targeting pods market include Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems Plc, Thales Group, L3 Technologies Inc, Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Saab AB, The Raytheon Company, FLIR Systems, and QI Optik. 

The threat of new entrants in the market is lower to medium owing to cost intensity. Moreover, suppliers experience strong brand equity. The new players require high investment in research and development of these pods, which further restricts their growth. Further, established players are striving to improve their market position with technological advancements, which will increase the competition level over the forecast period. 

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